Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stuff on My Phone

Apparently, July is "National Blog Posting Month" in addition to it being National Hot Dog Month and National Ice Cream Month. So why can't it be all 3? If I had more ambition, I would've celebrated all three of these occasions in the same entry, but that ain't happening right now. This arbitrarily chosen month should be celebrated by posting an entry every day. I'm doing good over at In 10 Words, but here...not so much, sadly. Eight days into July with nothing...but that's about to change.

A few friends of mine recently did entries about pictures of weird crap on their cellphones. Well, readers, that time has come for me to jump on the bandwagon. I've got a phone that's in dire need for an upgrade, it's at least 3 years old with the first pictures being taken in March 2007. Since my phone in particular is probably older than that, it's a good chance that the specific size of the memory card, a MiniSD, is probably not even made anymore, causing uploading of pics to be quite difficult (no, not a MicroSD, as I found out the hard way. It's completely different). I can always E-mail them to myself, but sadly, pixture text rates DO apply, and my dad usually freaks out over a $5 charge thanks to these things plus to occaisional month where I went over my limit before switching to unlimited texts to Verizon phones only, due to him working at the company for about 35 years (along with its several name changes)

Before I digress, I'd like to share five of my favorite pictures on my phone. Oh, there's several more that are pretty good, but that's for another post. Plus, there are quite a few...personal pics that I've sworn to myself to never, ever, EVER share, but I just didn't have the heart to delete. Sorry folks, but you'll just have to settle for these pictures. Because this is an older phone, I apologize for the quality of a few of these images.

This is by far my favorite image on my phone. This picture was taken in December of 2007 in the second floor men's room at St. Joseph's College. It was above a stall that I just happened to be doing my business at and just pissed in awe of its sheer absurdity. It looks it came out of an xkcd strip. Seriously, was this one person, or someone's nerdy graffiti that was appended by some other nerd? The writing implement is the same color, and the handwriting is exactly the same. Sadly, when I went back that following January to prove to other people that it existed, it was gone, with this picture most likely being the only proof.

I bet you've seen that image of the "real-life" version of Peter Griffin from Family Guy. I found this picture at some Knights of Columbus hall on LI and quickly took its picture, as he looks like Bruce, the Gay Performance Artist. I can only imagine this guy saying "7up's the whole reason I came down here in the first place. You know what, I'm not gon' need the V8 cause I can just get some tomato juice at the mini-mart down the street. It's a little more expensive, but that's okay I like to help out a small business. I hope it's okay if I pay in pennies. "

You might remember last year that I attended the Strawberry Shortcake Eating Contest and simultaneously earned the ire of competitive eater "Beautiful Brian" Seiken. If you're reading this, Brian, I wasn't at this year's competition. I couldn't get off work that day...and also being afraid that he would find me, despite him not knowing what I look like. Well, as proof that I was there, here is a pic of Crazy Legs Conti. I believe that that's Patrick "Deep Dish" Bertoletti standing next to him. I didn't have a regular camera at me, nor the guts to ask for a picture with him. Sigh.

Here's a picture of my old car reaching 100,000 miles. Turns out that the phone's cover was on at the time, so I had to drive the car in reverse until the odometer rolled back again.

Finally, this pic was taken just last week at Cheeburger Cheeburger. My friends Danny, Steve & I all finished their 20oz burger, so we got our picture taken and put up on the wall. If you ever wanted to know what I really look like, I'm the one in the Mr. Sparkle T-Shirt American Roadside's challenge is coming soon!


Dio said...

Holy spumoli that's a huge burger. 8o

veggiemacabre said...

I think the "cleaning out the phone pics" are some of my favorite posts. Well done my friend.