Thursday, July 31, 2008

One Fear, Goodbye

So I was driving home from my frat bro DJ's house a few hours ago, whose house just happens to be near an incredibly dangerous intersection.

With it being nighttime and all, there were thankfully no cars coming from the right, and none to my knowledge coming to my left, so I hastily made the left turn.

It turns out that there was a car coming from the left, and faster than I thought. A split-second close-call saved both of us from panic.

Did I mention that this intersection was right in front of the Suffolk County Police HQ and the oncoming car in question was a cop car?

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. It was one of my greatest fears: Getting pulled over by a cop, even more so for something incredibly lame.

Guess what I saw in my rear view mirror? That same cop car making a U-Turn and putting on the lights.


After the usual spiel of literally "WTF were you thinking, son?" looking at my license and the usual questions of I had consumed alcohol (no) or smoked anything (hell no) before getting behind the wheel, he asked me what was in the Target bag in the passenger seat.

Of course, I showed him the contents:

Although, to be honest, it was at the bottom of the bag. This is what the Officer saw at the top of the pile:

After looking at that, good chance he would've believed my true story of spending the previous 5 hours playing a combination of Smash Bros. Brawl and Dynasty Warriors 5. Not to mention spending the time before that watching the above DVD along with "Bender's Big Score."

Thankfully, he gave me the "stay outta trouble," spiel and drove off into the night. Phew.

I must admit, I have never smoked pot in my lifetime. I have pothead tendencies though.

I always have a glazed look in my eyes, I zone out for prolonged periods of time, I giggle for no reason, I don't have much awareness with the world around me, especially if I went the whole day without ingesting caffeine. I also think Phish is great, the color Sky Blue is awesome, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is hilarious, and a usual response from me for any question is "Dave's not here, man," when in reality I am Dave. I mean Galileo.

Either way, he's not here.


dc said...

At least he let you go without a ticket...whew!
A few years ago while at a party, a few people decide they were hungry. I volunteered to go get food. I took my friends truck, but it was stick. I'm not so good with driiving stick. I took it anyway and it stalled right as I was making a u-turn in front of a cop! And I had already had one drink. But he never pulled me over and just kept driving! I was really lucky!

Josh said...

I would have liked to see the look on his face when you showed him the Freakazoid set.
How is it by the way?
I haven't picked it up yet.

Dan said...

Glad to hear your ok and ticket free! I hate that feeling of dread when you see a cop turn around behind you and those lights come on. Like DC said at least you got away ticket free. And let us know how the Freakazoid DVD set is, it's on my (long) list of things to pick up.