Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Not-So-Lazy Tuesday

Well, today is Tuesday, and it fared much better than Monday, that's for sure.

I had to work today, but since yesterday sucked, I actually looked forward to it.

Around 6:30, the power went out in my CVS. Just us, no one else. We suspected an electrical outage of some kind. It was all powered by backup generators, which meant that only some lights, the freezers, and some appliances worked, that's it. We spent a majority of that time telling people that we were closed.

In fact, I'm pretty sure more people showed up in that hour and a half than the hour and a half before everything shut down.

Sure enough, as mysterious as it started, the power came back suddenly at around 8, saddening all of us. We all wanted to go home and enjoy our free drinks courtesy of my awesome manager. Also, since I couldn't buy a bowl of Chef Boyardee Ravioli or use the microwave in the break room, it was dark in there but the microwave oddly worked, I instead went to Wendy's for dinner. I didn't want to, but I had to. Just got a simple 10 Piece Chicken Nugget meal. Oddly, it's the cheapest combo on the Wendy's Menu, but for that same combo for Medium size, it's one of the most expensive ones, costing you around $2 more plus tax.

When I got back, it turns out that one of the managers got his wife to bring a crapload of Wendy's and then offered the extra food to the rest of us, which I promptly ate most of. What was it? Nuggets. Then the power came back on as soon as I finished those off. Damn. Then I had to spend the next 2 hours ungodly full.

And what did I do for the rest of Monday night since writing the last entry? Not much, mostly stayed up to watch the MST3K version of Pumaman, which was hilarious. Donald Pleasance in what was NOT his finest hour, but turned out to be one of MST3K's best. I've linked to Hobgoblins once before, but that had a slightly coherent sequence of events. Pumaman is full of hilarious plot holes large enough to fly the Satellite of Love through.

Disney Channel also aired Monsters, Inc. for the 500th time last night. Fortunately, like Spaceballs, it just happens to be one of those movies where I go "OMG, MONSTERS, INC. IS ON!!" and then I watch the movie and slash the throats of anyone who says otherwise.

Also, this blog now has an official email address: beamingforbunnies@gmail.com Got any questions, things you've wanted to ask me, suggestions, send em there. Not comments, though. I want those on the main site.

On that subject...I am now taking reader submissions for Soundtracks For Summer entries. Yes, I have several entries on the back burner waiting to be written, but which songs mean summer to you? Send the name of the song, and a brief reason why it should be here.


JoshC said...

The power went out here too, somewhere between when I went to bed at 4 and when I should've woken up at 7.
But no power means no alarm clock, so I was quite late.

I have a ton of "summer songs" that don't mention summer at all, I'll send you an email with a few mentions.

Deku said...

I think you already did it but anything by Jimmy Buffet is great for summer.

Anonymous said...

power outages in retail establishments are somewhat fun, especially if it means you get to go home.