Friday, July 18, 2008

Obligatory Dark Knight Post!

Just got back from seeing Dark Knight and what I have to say is this:

It was fucking excellent. Like Iron Man, they finally did Batman right. Batman Begins was great, and this one was awesome as well, perhaps even better.

We got to basically see the transition from Villains to Supervillains in Gotham.

I thought everyone was spectacular. Two reasons why the reviews are so good:

1) Heath Ledger Dying
2) It's fucking awesome.

And despite the praising the dead morality that's been had in the media, he certainly earned it. He made The Joker his own. He is most definitely one of greatest of Jokers, right up there with Mark Hamill's. And believe me, Heath had some mighty big shoes to fill, and fill he did.

So, Go see it now if you haven't already! And if you have...See it again!

Also, damn, I had a good idea to have the foresight to get my tickets in advance. Every single show was sold out as soon as I got to the theater. That would've sucked. Although my friend & I were forced to go see the next showing next door (which was at 7:01 in place of 7pm) because there weren't enough free spots. Damn people wouldn't give up 2 free places to two people who didn't show up and my friend was too stubborn to move. Luckily, rather than him getting into a fistfight, we were directed to next door, which coincidentally had another Dark Knight showing starting at the same time. We lucked out with the only 2-spaced seating left.


And the other part of the Heath Hype is the lack of how great Aaron Eckhart's performance was. He was amazing as Harvey Dent, as well as his transformation of sorts into Two-Face. Now I knew that we were going to get Two-Face, my question was when. I fully expected him to get the scarrage at the end of the movie that sets up #3.

Boy was I wrong. Bastard shows up completely spooky a bit more than 90 minutes in. Talk about another villain this movie series has redeemed. So, due to the Joker Hype, you get very little of the Two-Face action. And his piece is where the real spoilage is.

So, if you were completely dumb enough to ignore that warning, I'll only offer this: Like "Begins," one villain lives, and one villain dies. You see Scarecrow come and go in the first 5 minutes of the movie.

Also, it's great that Katie Holmes didn't come back. That whole "girl gets blowed up" plot point would've been laughable and cries of "that's for Cruise!" would've ruined the momentum for the rest of the movie. That, and her character wasn't in the comics. It was a "bringing back the balance to the force" kind of moment.

So that's my now-spoiled review of Dark Knight. Go see it, I rate it "Awesome."


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds awesome! And, I don't mind the spoilers because it will take me so long to see this movie I will have already forgotten the spoilers.

Thanks for the review!

denise said...

Saw it midnight Thursday after waiting in anticipation for a year and was not disappointed. Heath Ledger was tucking brilliant.
Still, would've been nice to see more Cillian Murphy. The Scarecrow was so underdeveloped these two movies.

Anonymous said...

TDK was an excellent movie. I too was blown away by the Joker, but equally so by Harvey Dent/Two-Face. People seem to be forgetting about him, which is a shame.

It was weird watching the 1989 Batman last night, seeing Billy Dee Williams playing Harvey Dent, and trying to imagine Billy Dee also playing Two-Face.

April said...

i agree! best joker ever, insanity at it's best!