Saturday, August 2, 2008

August Blogging!

Happy August everybody! Eh, it means that there's a month left of Summer, and for others who go to "better" colleges than I do, it's even less than that.

But fear not, I want to make the most of this month! Summer's been pretty much a bust for me, but thankfully I have this blog, my friends, and of course, XE to save my sanity.

I've been in a little slump, post-wise. Sure, I have 5 entries currently on the back burner, but my problem is motivation. I usually work nights until 10, and after I come home in hardly in a blogging mood. Then there's the new addiction in my life: Super Mario Galaxy. It's awesome, the end.

First, I'd like to offer this preview of entries to come for August:

-a DVD review of Freakazoid Season 1
-a list of 5 (or 6) More Great Muppet Show Moments
-at least a few more Dennis entries
-At least 3 or 4 more Soundtracks For Summer entries
-and, of course, at least Part 3 of The 50 Greatest Animated Villains of All Time list.

Second...what do I do next? First off, the DVD review is the first of that list that I'll do (hopefully out by the end of the weekend). But...which of these will I do after that one? I have so many, I can't decide!

So, I'll leave it up to YOU and offer this poll:

Out of the above choices (besides the DVD Review), which of those would you like to see next? You must pick ONLY ONE!!

Let's set the deadline to...11:59 on Sunday, August 3rd? Sounds good. Until then, I'll try to find a professional-looking poll that I could post here without it showing up as a white box.


JoshC said...

I always wanted to be a villain, I have even been growing a swarthy moustache lately.
So I suppose what I'm trying to convey here is:
I vote for more villains.
Happy August pal 'o mine.

Dan said...

For once Josh has a good idea! ;) I'm gonna throw my hat in for the Villain countdown too!

dc said...

I third the villain entry.

JoshC said...

Thanks Dan, I think growing a moustache is a good idea as well.

nostalgiajunkie said...

I'd kinda like to see more Muppet stuff, but I'll probably be happy with reading pretty much everything on the list.

Denise said...

My vote is for Muppets, but I can deal.

kristiane said...

Hmmm... I guess I say muppets. And only because the other have been done, and the world can always use more muppet discussion.