Friday, November 30, 2018

Thankful 2018!

Well folks, Thanksgiving has come and gone yet again. I'm still here, and you're still here, and that's what should be important, right?

I still have my life, a house, a job, friends. It's the same things I'm thankful for every year, but I'm thankful for all of those. They're constants, and don't take them for granted, because I sure don't.

I'm thankful for the brief pauses in life that allow me to escape stress for a few hours. Going to conventions, playing stuff on my Switch (Smash Bros Ultimate drops in one week!), meeting up with friends, listening to podcasts on long drives, watching stuff like The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers and The Good Place, writing these blog entries. I'm thankful for those, too.

Let's be thankful for this giant cow (actually a steer):

Cows are pretty big to begin with, then THIS one comes along. I did an entry about Absolute Units a few months back, and this cow more than earned a spot on that list.

It looks photoshopped, but that thing is real, and it is a BEAST. Here's another shot of it:

Maybe it's because I live on Long Island and I have to drive an hour out of my way to see any, but I still get really excited when I see real, living cows just standing around. "Cows!" I say. I do the same thing with horses (and don't laugh, so do you).

I'm thankful for the people I still talk to, and used to talk to, and hopefully will start talking to again.

I'm thankful for you. Thank you for reading, and continuing to read this little slice of the internet I've carved out for myself just a little over ten years ago. It's still crazy to think about.

Christmas is next month, and that's something to look forward to. See you folks then.

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