Friday, December 21, 2012

12/21/12: Apocalypse...Now?

???: "Ahh...Yes."

???: "The day that was foretold by the ancient Mayans has finally come to pass."

???: "And I, Nekron, the embodiment of death itself, can finally lay waste to this mortal plane! I always knew that there was too much life on this planet and not enough death, and now I can change all of that. The living no longer fear me, nor fear death."

: "With one sweep of my scythe, their minds will be changed. Scores of mortal souls would join me in the permanence of death. It's the only thing in this universe that's inevitable, so why should we prolong it?"

Nekron: "The problem is...where to start? It's been so long since I've seen this realm. "

Nekron: "Whoever lives here now seems to have redecorated. I don't like it, He'll be the first to go."


Nekron: "Who said that?"

Dennis: "Down here."

: "And who might you be?"

Dennis: "My name's Dennis. I'm sorta the star of this show."

Nekron: "You're quite bold to call out Death while he's trying to monologue, you know."

Dennis: "Yeah...about that."

Dennis: "You see, we kinda sorta established a villain like, a week ago. He looked cool, he killed one of our guys, mentioned a few things that'll kick-start the plot. Typical chapter one stuff."

Nekron: "But..."

Dennis: "Look, our plot's kinda muddled on its own already, and tossing you in there is just gonna mess things up. The rest of us would REALLY like it if you took your apocalypse elsewhere."

Nekron: "Come on! I waited thousands of years for this!"

Dennis: "No! Get your own storyline, man!"

Nekron: "Grr....all right, fine! I'll let you have your cute little story with the lollipops and the Santas or whatever the hell you people do around this time of the year."

Nekron: "Can I at least tell you how you're going to die? You'll be pleasantly surprised!"

Dennis: "Get out!"

Nekron: "This place is boring me anyway. I'll be back eventually, maybe in a year. And I hope you get some new carpeting by then!"

Dennis: "...The nerve of some people..."


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