Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Thoughts

It's one week until the Big Day, and I've been having a few thoughts on my mind:

1) I don't know when I'll do another part of "Better Know a Christmas." My work schedule became rather hectic and the days where I AM free are times when I just want to sleep or do something else. I do guarantee that they'll continue. The next one's about Australia.

2) We're one week away, and I STILL haven't bought the new HESS Truck.

The Hess Truck's Back, and It's Better Than Ever! it's stuck in your head, too.

It's even really awesome this year. Look: A Jet on a Flatbed. I know it doesn't seem like much, since in past years we got race cars, motorcycles, helicopters, jeeps, fire trucks, race cars inside bigger race cars, even a goddamn space shuttle. But...there's a jet plane! With the HESS logo on it!

I think the main reason why I haven't got it yet is because, well, the HESS Truck was something my Nana always gave me for Christmas, and this is the first Christmas without her. I should at least honor her wishes and make the trek to a HESS station myself this time.

3) You know what I've never had before? Eggnog.

"'Tis the season, Marge! We only get thirty sweet noggy days. Then the government takes it away again."
Yep, I have yet to participate in the good ol' holiday staple where people decide to drink pancake batter for a month out of the year. I think that this is the year that I finally try it.

To my readers: What does it taste like? And what should I pour into it for maximum drunkenness?

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Jason said...

It tastes sweet, but a good sweet! I would recommend mixing it with spiced rum. But I've known people who spike it with Southern Comfort or Kahlua. Kahlua is probably the best way to go, if you enjoy the 'nog and don't want to get plastered too quickly.