Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where the Hell is Galileo?!

...Yeah, I'm not in that. But I WILL tell you where I've been this whole time: On Vacation.

Shocking, I know. I was in Atlantic City until Friday, and trust me...you really didn't miss much there. I basically just ate, slept, gambled, and pretty much appreciated that where I was wasn't where I currently was...If that made sense. Of course, AC didn't get ALL of my money, but a good chunk of it. It shouldn't affect the blog, as the overall budget is about $15 to begin with.

Speaking of the blog, entries will be coming!
Sure, that's about the fifth time in as many months that I've said this, but it's true! The Simpons-centric entries I mention a few posts earlier are on their way, along with my new Summer Project, as well as Year Three of my Soundtracks For Summer series!
If you're unfamiliar with this series, it's where I profile a song that describes "Summer" to me. The Enchanted Tiki Room theme, Tequila, Under The Boardwalk, and Walk The Dinosaur are among the songs that I've covered so far. Here are my potential entries for this year:

-Holiday Road
(the theme to National Lampoon's "Vacation")
-Octopus's Garden
(The Beatles)
-Boys of Summer
(The Ataris)
-Float On
(Modest Mouse)
(Red Hot Chili Peppers)
-Various songs by the Beach Boys

Of course, this means I'm always open to suggestions of what other songs I should cover. Got any ideas? Suggest them either in the comments below, on the Blog's Facebook Page, or my email at beamingforbunnies@gmail.com.

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