Saturday, October 31, 2009

More Haunts For Halloween

I couldn't let the big spooky day go by without a post, now could I? Sure, I'm making it with the skin of my teeth, but seeing how Daylight Savings Time is at 2am, I'm taking full advantage of that extra hour.

Last year I posted a list of Songs that defined Halloween. After much thinking, I decided thatt I should show off some more spooky tunes!

Feed My Frankenstein - Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper rocks the socks off the ghouls and goblins of the night with kickass tune about Frankenstein, and how it's the greatest Universal Monster in the land. Also, Frankenstein is his penis.

Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show

You can't define "Halloween" without good ol' "Rocky Horror." And nothing gets the hips going at any Halloween party or Rocky Horror bash quite like the eponymous "Time Warp." It's just a jump to the left. And step to the right. We all know how it goes. Also of note is how "Sweet Transvestite," belted out by the great Tim Curry, immediately follows it.

Anything Can Happen on Halloween - The Worst Witch

Speaking of Tim Curry, there's also this now-legendary song he sang in the forgettable halloween special "The Worst Witch." It's pretty much the dumbest, campiest Halloween song I've ever heard, but Curry makes it awesome. You can find a hilarious review of entire special here at X-Entertainment.

Tubular Bells

Ah, "Tubular Bells," or how others know it: the theme from "The Exorcist." It's music like this that defined modern horror. Something's just not right when you hear this playing, and I usually whip out the plastic I take to Gallagher concerts to shield myself from any projectile pea soup.

Smithy's Theme - Super Mario RPG

Here's a video game theme that oozes "creepy" and "end of the game" music. Which was then followed by the less creepy but more definite end-of-game-boss sounding True Smithy Theme (8000 hp! Damn). Either way, if felt that you were in for one hell of a battle. Very awesome of the composers of Super Mario RPG to compose unique leitmotifs to every major event in the game (Bowser's Keep, Booster's Tower, Smithy's Factory, Mid Boss, Definite Boss, Sunken Ship, etc) while keeping most of them as remixes of the main 4 levels of Super Mario Bros.

Silent Hill

While we're on the subject of video game music, here's the theme to Silent Hill. I shudder just hearing it, even though I've yet to play any of the games. Pyramid Head, stop humping Nemesis!

When You're Evil - Voltaire

Don't know who Voltaire is? If you've ever watched "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy," you may have seen the episode where giant meteor crashes to Earth and makes Billy seeks out brains for it to eat in a dual parody of "Little Shop of Horrors" and "Thriller," or even the TV movie "Big Boogey Adventure," where he performs the awesome theme song. That's him. Most of his songs deal with the strange and the macabre, with some tongue firmly planted in cheek. This song exemplfies the Black/White that is stereotypical "Evil."

And, to cap everything off, here is the scariest song I can find:


Happy Halloween, everybody!

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