Friday, June 12, 2009

A View Inside My Noggin

I know some of you good folks out there wonder "Hey, how does Galileo come up with all the crap he does? What exactly goes through his head?" Due to my tenuous grasp at describing things and my inability to temporarily remove my brain from my skull, I had been unable to answer these questions.

But, thanks to recent breakthroughs in modern technology, we can finally see what the hell is currently going on in the gray matter that makes up my mind:


tresjolie9 said...

Wow, remember watching the syndicated 80s Gumby show, but don't remember anything as traumatic as aliens, and Gumby almost dying on the moon, and scary aliens.

Galileo said...

This is actually the first non-student film Gumby cartoon. Obviously, it had some kinks to iron out, such as adding Pokey and the others, and toning down the creepiness factor.

That syndicated series played well into the early 90's on Nickelodeon, which I remember watching as well. There was NO WAY IN HELL that this toon would've been in its rotation.

tresjolie9 said...

ROTFL, if it were in rotation, it would have traumatized me!

Although I do remember some of the pretty strange shorts, and that the show sometimes lacked continuity, sometimes Gumby would have a family sometimes he wouldn't. Sometimes the Native Americans were people, other times they were these strange beings shaped like teepees.

Need to start seeking out oldGumby clips on You Tube.

Denise said...

HATE THIS. Especially 6:02. What the fuck?!