Wednesday, June 3, 2009

To-Do List for Summer: '09 Edition!

It's the beginning of June, so you know what that means? No, Billy, not that. Nor that. CERTAINLY not that. Jeez, where did you learn that language?

Anyways, it's June, and Long Island just hit the first day with 88% humidity, so that means it's Summer! And with summer, comes time to do stuff! I know, I know, I've been slacking on this blog lately (but not this one), but that's going to change. To be sure that I'm serious, I really mean it this time!

If you all remember last year, I had spent all of June writing an entry a day about all the letters of the alphabet. Will I do a part 2 this time? The answer is "hell no." It took me ages to think up subjects to begin with, let alone elaborate on. Especially on words that start with Q, which to this day remains the most likely way people find this blog. So many people wanting to read about Quisp, so little time. The other thing I did at the beginning of the summer (eg, Early May) was create my now-annual To-Do List for Summer, of which I was able to complete...most of the items. But this is 2009, and since we're currently in Early June, well into the College Summer season, I'm happy to say that I've completed three of my objectives!

This years list:

-Graduate College. Done! Obviously, I talked about that in the previous entry. It still feels weird to be "done," and I'll admit, I'm a bit unsure about this whole "rest of my life" business.

-Go to an Amusement Park. A few weeks ago, I went to Six Flags: Great Adventure in NJ once again, and I had good times. It was the Friday before Memorial Day, a sure bet for an easy day at the park, as I had done a similar trip on that day two years back. That trip might've benefited from the rainstorm earlier in the morning, as the sun was out in full force this time, which had everyone in the whole damn state say "Hey, it's sunny, let's all go to Six Flags at the same time!" Jeesh, you'd think it was June with that crowd.

Rides worth waiting for: El Toro, Nitro, Batman, Kingda Ka.
Rides Not: Umm...Just about everything else. I'd comment on Bizarro, the newly repainted & re-themed Medusa (which was awesome), but it wasn't open yet.

The one I really want to go to is Cedar Point in Ohio, but no plans have emerged yet.

-Go to a Yankees game. Did that on May 20th with about 9 other people from my CVS job, their home game facing the Baltimore Orioles. It was one hell of a game to go to, as my beloved Yanks shut the birds out 11-4. I sat in the left-center bleachers and I have to tell you, the cheap seats give you a pretty good view. It was sort of a shame that we weren't sitting in the right-center bleachers or center field since that's where EVERY BALL EVER HIT went to. I later found out that the new Yankee Stadium was built to do this. Sneaky, Yanks, and the whole architecture seemed to scream "Looks swanky enough to justify the price gouging." Mmm...$9 Bud Lights.

-See the following movies: Up and Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. These are my two "Must See" flicks for the summer, and as indicated in my previous entry, Up was pretty awesome. As for Transformers, I had my doubts, like who was returning, who wasn't, was Soundwave going to be in it? I nerdgasmed on my laptop when I found this latest trailer:

Holy. Shit. Ok, you got me, Michael Bay, I'm officially pumped for this. That big red...giant thing in the desert? That's Devastator, bitch. Sure, I was quite fanboyishly pissed that they switched around all the vehicles for this version, as if Long Haul, the one that transformed into a dump truck in the G1 version and served as the crotch, finally complained about his position in the organization and Bay complied by making him an arm. But sadly, equilibrium and the laws of physics make the thing look much more awkward, as Long Haul and one of the Constructicons that served as one of the legs are now one of the arms and vice versa with the smaller arms now being legs, giving him too much upper body weight with little leg support, much like how Kirstie Alley moves around now. Okay, I'll stand corrected if the reason why Devastator is pissed is because of this situation and realizing that combining wasn't such a great idea. Because that sounds hilarious.

By the way, "The Fallen" doesn't refer to Megatron (although he is returning), but the actual transformer referred to as The Fallen. In the grand lore of Transformers, he was one of the original 13 transformers created by Primus (whose alt mode is Cybertron itself), but went rogue by siding with Unicron, Primus's planet eating monster evil-twin. I don't wanna reveal much else, but I'm counting down to June 24th.

-Watch all the DVDs I haven't gotten around to watching yet. Which is a lot of them, sadly including Venture Bros: Season 3.

-Go to American Roadside Burger and get my name on the wall. Now, American Roadside Burger is a little place in Smithtown, NY that is known for good, cheap, burgers with free fixins. That's 4 for 4 in my book right there, but there's more. They have what's known as a "Roadstar," a cheeseburger with 4 patties and if you finish it, you get your name on their Wall of Fame. I'm no stranger to Eating challenges, but I hear that this one's not tough at all. As it turns out, their patties are roughly the same width as a normal McDonald's burger, but, you know...made with actual meat, so this means that eating four at once should be no problem at all. Some of my fellow fraternity brothers have their names up there already, with one claiming to have done it six times. If that little midget could do it, dammit, so could I!

-Blog some more. Doing that right now! And later on, so stay tuned!

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