Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stuff That Happened Today

Well, some very interesting things happened today in the world of Useful Information.

First of all in Politics: John McCain clinched the Republican Nominee for Pres., and as of writing this, Hillary won Ohio, while the Jury is still out in Texas.

2nd: Brett Favre finally retired from football. My friend Tim absolutely loves Frank Caliendo's impression of John Madden talking about Brett Farb. One of these guys are obviously a bit dissappointed.

"I mean, Brett Farb is the greatest, you could cut off both Brett Farb's arms and both Brett Farb's legs and he'd still be the best torso in football. You could find a way to clone Brett Farb, make enough clones for a football team, and have themplay a team made up of clones of Brett Farb. I mean, the universe just might explode."

Finally, in Geek News, the creator of Dungeons & Dragons, Gary Gygax, passed away.

I am *rolls dice* deeply saddened by this loss.

And Part 2 of the 50 Greatest Animated Villains list is coming soon!

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