Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Fallout '10!

Well, it's after Christmas and ALMOST 2011, so I guess it's the right time to show y'all what I got for Christmas.

Bur first, I went over my uncle's house for Christmas Eve Dinner, and like the photog that I am, I took pictures of the spread:

Spinach Balls that were surprisingly excellent.

Shrimp Scampi and rice balls. It's quite obvious that no one can resist my uncle's succulent balls.

Here's some baby back ribs. Not pictured: Meatballs, another helping of my mom's stuffed mushrooms, and Filet mignon, which was the big hit of the dinner.

And here was the main attraction. It was a good Christmas. Now on to Christmas itself, and here is my spread:

DVDs and Vidya games! From top to bottom: Venture Bros Season 4.1 (awesome), Donkey Kong Country Returns (also awesome), Scott Pilgrim vs The World (the DVD version!), Kirby's Epic Yarn (pretty damn good game), and Super Mario Galaxy 2 (a sequel to a Mario game?! It happened) Not pictured: Chrono Trigger for the DS that was given by my friend Steve.

I also partook in my annual tradition of scratching off all the scratch-off lotto tickets from my Scratch-off Lotto Ticket Santa Advent Calendar, where all 24 slots are filled with tickets, and then I wait until Christmas Day to scratch them all off. I won $14.

Not pictured: Meta Knight bragging about his new Hess Truck in front of Dennis
I also got the 2010 Hess Truck! The plane is totally kickass, but I think the space shuttle still beats it. Yes, my other annual tradition will continue without Nana. I miss her.

And here's the highlight of my gifts: A hot sauce gift pack. No idea where it came from, but here it is. Note that these aren't novelty "Hot For The Sake of Hot" hot sauces. These are hot sauces of the "actual hot sauces that you put on stuff and eat it" variety. I tried the garlic sauce a few days later, and I thought it was quite good.

Stuff that's not pictured: Money, a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card, a gift card to Smokin Al's (my favorite place), and a Shick Hydro 3 razor (annual WTF gift...I already have 3 razors).

I also really need to mention that my area of Internetland was hit by that huge blizzard earlier in the week. This was the snow drift in my backyard:

Note: This is FOUR FOOT DEEP above-ground pool.
Fortunately, this pic was taken 2 days after Christmas and we had plenty of leftover food, so we sadly didn't resort to cannibalism. Maybe next year.

Speaking of last year, this is the last post before the ball drops in a few hours! I want to thank you all for the great year, and I'll see you in 2011!

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