Friday, August 27, 2010

My battle with Writer's Block

I am currently suffering the most debilitating disease a blogger can have. No, it's not Starcraft II Fever, it's much worse than that:


Yep. I finally have my writing energy back...but what the hell do I write about? I currently have a few blog posts on the back burner (like, say, a few Soundtracks For Summers and a few more things), but I feel like I want to type something new for now. But what?

That's where you come in, folks!

I hereby proclaim this entry the "Beaming For Bunnies Idea Drive™."  I'm asking anyone to submit ideas for me to write about.

You can submit ANYTHING. Anything at all. Nothing is too stupid or esoteric! You can submit your idea in the comments below, send me an email (, submit something at the Beaming For Bunnies Facebook Page, or tweet your idea at my twitter feed USING THE HASHTAG #IdeaDrive.

The people who send me the best ideas will, well, get me to write about them. Get cracking, folks!

1 comment:

Jason said...

I would love to see more entries involving Dennis. Or go on a 1 day road trip with a camera, take some pictures and give us a tour of your day.