Monday, October 26, 2009

Creepy & Kooky, Altogether Ooky

Halloween is at the end of the week, and I'll admit that I haven't been feeling too spooky this year. Perhaps it's that I'm out of college and thus, no annual Fall Fest to wear a costume to. All I have is my job, and even then I have no ideas. I've been considering to finally buy one of those over the top pimp hats and just wear it on my shift on Saturday and simply pretend it's not there.

Then there's the spooky movies & shows. The only thing I have under my belt this year? Zombieland.

...and that's it. Granted, the movie was awesome, but that's all I've seen this year. Hell, I'm pretty sure I missed this year's airing of The Great Pumpkin. Sure, I've seen Charlie Brown get a rock dozens of times already, but it just doesn't feel like Halloween without it. (EDIT: It turns out I didn't miss it! The spirits did it all in one night! I mean, it aired the day after I wrote this!)

So, I decided to get my spook on by going to Great Adventure via my college's annual Fright Fest Trip. A place where the scariest things...are the prices! Hahahahaha!

As it turns out, a forecast of rain drove away any potential crowds, meaning no lines for anything! Except Superman: Ultimate Flight, but even THAT had a 15-20 minute wait. The newly rechristened Bizarro was a main highlight of the trip. Medusa, the first floorless species of roller coaster, had been aging in its ten year history, but a blue paint job, retheming the ride to classic Superman villain Bizarro, and the installation of speakers, mist cannons, and fireballs did that ride good. What was once a "meh" inducing ride that had seen better days has now taken a level in badass and is completely awesome once again! I managed to ride the back row, and then immediately into the front row, and then once again at night. Awesome, especially with no waiting.

Of course, there were the other rides: Nitro (again, was able to get successive rides in front AND back rows with no wait), both sides of Rolling Thunder, Dark Knight (whose only wait was via standing through the 5 minute preshow!), Batman, and El Toro three times, once accomplishing that holy trinity of "Awesome Wooden Coaster, At Night, with a rained-on track, providing more speed). Did I mention no waits whatsoever, save for Superman? I almost rode Scream Machine, but seeing a train get stuck on its mid-point brake run...twice put the kibosh on that. Kingda Ka was up, too, but the rain and wind forced it to act like the tempermental bitch that it was.

I also got on Skull Mountain, accomplishing my goal of riding every coaster in the park. It only took me 4 years to do so.

But when the sun went down and the ghouls attempted to come out, but alas, even zombies hate the rain. And I'm not talking about the light sprinkles that showed up throughout the day. I'm talking about downpours that disintegrated even the cheapest of plastic ponchos. It made it quite difficult to re-enact Zombieland's climax, especially since I got my gun confiscated at the front gate. But I managed to do it anyway, even as Harley Quinn's dysfunctional family reunion tried to pie drenched parkgoers in the face. As the rain haad the absolute gall to cancel the Dead Man's Party twice, the trip made a unanimous decision to get the hell outta there. The topper came when, around 9 and everyone was in the parking lot, a flash of lightning appeared not 100 feet away from us and caused a blackout.

Sucked to be the people who were actually on some of those rides, but if there was an omen to tell us to leave, that was a damn good one. I was rightfully spooked, and I'm happy to announce that my spookiness is back! On to watch Homestar Halloween toons for the rest of the week!

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