Sunday, July 12, 2009

Soundtracks For Summer: I'm on a Boat

Part 11 in my ongoing Soundtracks For Summer Series

We're nearing the halfway point into July, so it's time for another one of these entries! How about a song that appeals to my age group?

A rather recently recorded entry in the series, there's a lot of "summer" invoked into The Lonely Island's video for "I'm on a Boat." This song is pretty much straightforward: I'm on a boat with my buds, and it's AWESOME. Meant to be a parody of modern hip-hop music with all the trimmings: Hi-def shaky camera angles, hot women in skimpy clothing, helicopter shots, wine, fancy clothes, expensive locales (in this case, one of the rivers in Manhattan on some kind of fancy boat), gratuitous swearing, and, of course, T-Pain. It all turns out hilarious, awesome, and catchy. With all of those things, the video also happens to be bright and sunny the whole time, so that's Summer right there!

Like most of the stuff The Lonely Island churn out, I can quite imagine that its origins could be traced back to someone writing down "I'm on a boat" and then a whole song is written to revolve around it. See "Lazy Sunday," "Jizz in My Pants," "We Like Sportz," and "Like a Boss." A previous entry I made about Curling was inspired by these songs, especially since I picked up their album.

Continuing the tradition of emebedding two videos per Soundtracks For Summer entry, here's an a capella version of the song:

BTW, I'm also taking reader submissions for future "Soundtracks For Summer" entries. The next few Soundtracks For Summer will be: School's Out, Walk The Dinosaur, and Paradise City. If you've got an idea, pop me an email at with the name of the song, and a reason or two why it defines "Summer" for you. You'll be glad you did.


Hazard said...

Ha! My sister likes that song!
I hadn't heard it since now; it's pretty good. I always hear people singing it.

Amy said...

Good call, that video is hilarious.