Friday, January 9, 2009

Two Oh Nine

It's one week into 2009 and I haven't written a new entry yet?! For shame, myself. For shame.

That's going to change right now.

Usually the start of a new year means Resolutions, goals, and/or predictions for the year to follow. I'm not one to make resolutions, because that would mean that I want to change something about myself. I'm already the World's Most Perfect Blogger™, as a trophy that sits on my computer desk proudly elaborates.

I also usually sum up the year that recently closed, month by month. But 2008 wasn't much of a good year for me, despite a few positives.

The year started without much fanfare, until February came along. A week before Valentine's Day, my girlfriend broke up with me. Via a text message no doubt.

Cue myself being a depressive wreck for the next five or so months. We've since mended our severed ties and become friends again around a month ago (we were friends before "taking it to the next level," if you will), so that's a plus there.

February was also important for two things: During the pledging process in my fraternity, I finally gained a Little Brother to call my own. Each pledge gets their own "Big Brother," their mentor/sponsor/guide for the whole process, and the bond usually sticks around after it's over. It was about time, since for a reason that I don't remember, I didn't get one the year before. But that's all forgotten now. I have my Little Brother and that's that.

Second, I launched this very blog at the end of February! I've amassed well over 100 posts, and I'm aiming for 100 more. Beaming for Bunnies was mostly launched due to my 50 Greatest Animated Villains of All Time list, to give the list a more...legitimate exposure. It has since been my most popular series of entries. If the search entries are true, it's also the most likely reason you found this blog in the first place.

For March, I turned 21 on the 23rd, which was Easter. Yeah, I'm going to skip explaining all the other stuff that happened this month as well. Aside from the fact that I finally procured my Wii, my $250 God-like Fun Machine.

April: Wrote my "Top 20 Muppet Show Moments" Entry.

May: Discovered Buffalo Wild Wings, which has become the only Chain restaurant that I actually want to go to on a regular basis. I also added the counter to the right.

We now come to one of my favorite months: June. It was the only month where I actually blogged daily with the "Things That Start With ___" Series. As such, it gave me my highest period of traffic ever. It was also helped by the fact that a Competitive Eating Blog had somehow found my entry for N, which enraged Competitive Eater "Beautiful Brian" Seiken. I didn't know about the CE site until a few months ago. The content within explained why he was so angry at me. Not to mention the reason why I never received the free sample of his CD that he promised to send me.

July & August weren't that eventful, sadly.

September is when I launched my second blog In 10 Words. Updated every weekday! Please go visit.

October: Halloween! I went as The Dude from "The Big Lebowski." I did it because three weeks prior, The Dude himself came to me in a dream and basically said "dress up like me for Halloween." I grew out a beard for the occasion, which I still have. I'm lazy about that whole "shaving" thing, and I'll probably be bored of it in a few months and shave it off.

November: I don't recall any elections going on during November 4th, even ones where someone important, intelligent, history-making, and articulate (for once) got elected. Must have slipped my mind. The next day, I went with a friend to see a taping of that night's Daily Show, which was awesome. I got to see both John Oliver & Jason Jones! Oh, and Jon Stewart is freaking tiny in real life. They also compensate by having the desk be low to the ground, so that helps.

I also posted the "A Very Dennis Thanksgiving Special," which was proved to actually be popular. The things that prevented me from making a Christmas Special were time and a lack of ideas. Yes, the process from thinking it up to actually posting it took five days, but I didn't have many ideas for the Christmas version. I also didn't have much time between school and work to actually work on it. I assure you all that I WILL make "A Very Dennis Christmas Special" a staple of the 2009 Christmas Season.

December: Christmas, whose season went by WAY too fast.

So that's my 2008. I'm fairly optimistic for 2009. In fact, I already accomplished one of my goals for this year: Try the "Blazin" sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings. It's the hottest sauce they've got, and I'll admit to the fact that I'll never try it again. It's not that the sauce was too hot. It was, it was the taste. I'm not a fan of sauces that are hot for heat's sake, and pretty much leave out the flavor. It could possibly be due to the fact that your tongue would have melted out of your mouth before it even bothered to register any other sensation to the taste buds.

I'll leave off with this note: If it burns going in, it'll burn just as much coming back out.

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