Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Fallout

Happy Tidings, blog readers. I know that I should've posted this entry days ago, but one gift that I received in particular has consumed my life for the past week:

Super Paper Mario for the Wii. It's a pretty awesome game, but I fear that the gameplay went too quickly. I started on Christmas, and I'm already up to Chapter 8, the last chapter of the story.

I think that it's good enough to warrant a review of it in a later entry, but I make that promise too often on here. I also make the promise to give the ShamWow Guy a blow to the head via a Cricket Bat, but it too has since gone unresolved.

The term "Christmas Fallout" refers to a yearly entry on X-Entertainment.com. The site's overlord creator, Matt, shows off his gifts that his unseen family and mysterious benefactors who buy stuff off his Amazon Wish List got him for the big day. Naturally, the rest of the X-E blog readers join in and discuss the awesome and not-so-awesome stuff that Santa shoved down their stockings.

Without further delay, here is the rest of the swag that I got for Christmas:

(From my friend Steve)

(my big bro in my frat finally got me a good DVD after 3 Christmases)

(Two, in fact!)

All in all, a good haul. I also got the requisite cash, the 2008 HESS Truck, a batch of homemade cookies from another friend (delish, by the way, for the unlikely chance that she's reading), and a $25 Gift Card to Buffalo Wild Wings. As I mentioned on the start, Super Paper Mario has consumed my soul, which caused me to get extremely behind on my DVD viewing. I also know that I'm probably going to get to the American Dad set last, mostly due to the fact that I still haven't watched Volume 2. Which I received last Christmas!

I also extended the deadline for my Christmas Quiz (which is two entries below this one) to 11:59pm on January 3rd, due to...no entries. Was no one reading? Or was it really that hard? If you only know a few questions, do not hesitate to enter, because you'll probably be the only entrant!

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