Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Twirling, Twirling Towards Freedom!

Election Day: The Reckoning is finally here, and I hope everyone voted! Reminder: Elections for Republicans has been moved to Wednesday!

...Ok, that didn't work. NY, as well as a majority of the states have their polls closed already as of typing this (10:40pm). I voted for the man pining for change, instead of the man asking for change with an empty Pepsi can. They all jumped on the change bandwagon if you ask me.

As of 10:40pm, Obama has 207 electoral votes, with McCain having 138. Frankly, Obama's already winning Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio...McCain's not looking too good right now.

I'm not a McCain hater, I rather respect the man. I'm just too concerned with the people that he's going to be bringing with him.

I hope everyone voted Robot Nixon/Galileo! It's been a grueling month of faux-campaigning, and I'm sure that I'll win the office of Vice President somewhere!

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ETA: 11:01pm EST, Barack Obama is your new Bicycle, I mean President-elect!


Hazard said...

Congrats to Obama.

dc said...

It was hard to see Obama was going to win this. Let's hope he can fix the mess Bush put us in.

DJ D said...

I'd like to know more about the policies of the Galileo campaign.