Saturday, November 8, 2008

Good News, Everyone!

I get ideas for projects in the strangest places, which include being in the shower and whenever I'm driving. Why does inspiration strike when I'm nowhere near a pen?

For the past few weeks or so, I've been developing an idea for a new blog. Whenever I read the newspaper or watch the news, there always seems to be an influx of bad news. So, the blog's main goal would be to highlight a piece of good news daily to reaffirm myself that we're not going to hell in a hand basket.

We've become so jaded with bad news, that whenever a slice of something good comes around, or is simply created to break up the "doom" monotony, we refer to it as "not news," or wonder why someone decided to report something that didn't involve impending danger, a person going off the deep end, or some kind of empty threat.

I want to change all of that, I believe that one piece of good news daily can really brighten up one's day despite the fear mongering that we see in the media.

I would call the blog "Good News, Everyone," named after Professor Farnsworth's catchphrase from "Futurama." It fits the subject incredibly well, and there would be a picture of the Professor in the header to boot!

The only snag in the plan is me: I'm lazy. I'm not one to scour news from the whole Internet daily to find one piece of good news. I have school, a job, and two other blogs that I run: This one and In 10 Words, which is updated every weekday.

Someone else could take the reigns (but credit me), or perhaps I could form an entire team of bloggers in a collaborative effort. But for now, I'll just keep it as an idea.

To start things off, here's a snippet of good news that I just found:

"Wisconsin Librarians dance to victory with book carts."
MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Librarians shook out their buns and dusted off their
dancing shoes to compete in the Wisconsin Book Cart Drill Team
The Baraboo Bookers took first prize Friday at the Wisconsin
Library Association's annual conference.
Teams of librarians created short
choreographed dances and rocked out with their book carts.
The Baraboo Public
Library team danced to the rock 'n' roll classic "Born to be Wild" with four
carts and a dolly.
They competed against the Mad City truckers, graduate
students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison who used an Indiana
Jones-themed routine.
The Baraboo team advances to the national competition
in Chicago next summer and also gets a $250 gift certificate.


Hazard said...

Sounds good to me.

dc said...

I'm still amazed you can keep up with 2 blogs. I have enough trouble with one. :P

veggiemacabre said...

Yes! Great idea! You should just Fark it for a quick good news search.

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kristiane said...

I like your good news idea. I get very tired of hearing nothing but crap. I mean, I know the crap's there, but must we dwell on it longer than necessary?

DJ D said...

Hey, whatever it takes to come up with a good idea. Two blogs? That's nuttery.