Monday, September 1, 2008

Warning! Challenger Apparoaching!

Why was today the best Labor Day ever?

Because the most-anticipated SNES game that my fellow nerds have clamored to be released on the Virtual Console finally arrived.

Which game?

Super Mario RPG, bitch! Finally. I got it, played it, still as awesome as I remembered it. They released it on the VC in Europe last week, and they never even got it until then! That's how we all knew it was on its way to the States in due time. I've talked it before in this post. That takes me back some ways.

If you have a Wii, and 800 Wii Points, get it NOW!! I'm pretty sure its mandated by Nintendo Law.

Bravo, Nintendo. Bravo. Now...where's Earthbound?!


Dan said...

Ok I for sure have to get a freaking Wii now! I LOVED this game! Glad to see that it's finally playable again!

nostalgiajunkie said...

Such a great game! I wish I had a Wii. It'd be cool if they ported it to the DS as they seem to be so fond of doing these days. I WANT that Chrono Trigger DS port.