Friday, September 5, 2008

Rent In 10 Words

"I have AIDS!"

"I have AIDS, too!"


The End.


Hazard said...

Tom Hanks:I have AIDS.


maryjanemaryjane said...

what, no clip from team america?


squee4242 said...

I was led to believe there was more singing involved!

Dan said...

I think I'm confused

dc said...

And there's some dancing

Galileo said...

I believe the "Yay!" is supposed to imply the singing and dancing.

Amy, that was "Lease: The Musical." Very different ;)

Anonymous said...

Haha, you saw Rent.


Dan said...

Wow! I'm not slow or anything! It only took me this long to get what you were talking about! I'm gonna blame it on old age!

Oh and I left a comment on your new blog site but I think it was eaten as Spam.

Galileo said...

What I want to know, Dan, is how you found it.

I haven't linked it anywhere yet, as I have yet to officially "Open" it. Expect a post here on monday, with official announcements and linkage.

Also, stupid me forgot to toggle spam features and now your comment will appear just fine.

Dan said...

I saw it mentioned on my site in the incoming links and was curious so I clicked on the link. Hope that's ok.