Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Four Years Old!

I couldn't let the month end without acknowledging the blog's birthday, now can I? It's hard to believe that four years ago yesterday, I claimed this tiny portion of the internet for my random, misguided ramblings. Truth be told, I don't know exactly how many people read this, but I'm grateful nonetheless.

If you DO read this, what was your favorite thing that I've written about? You least favorite? When you found this thing? I ask because I like seeing the origins of my readers. Plus, I'm incredibly lonely.

Once again, I PROMISE that new content is coming soon. But until then, have some cake!

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Jason said...

I knew you through X-E. You commented on my blog back when I first started(almost 2 years now), and I've linked your blog over on mine, and I've been checking in here ever since. I've said it before in the past, but the Dennis posts are the best. They have the same feel as when Matt used to do his little "toy stories". I have never watched any Doctor Who, so I'm in the dark on those posts, but I can't say I don't like them just because I don't know anything about it(I just don't read those posts). But the short of it is, if I didn't like the content here, I wouldn't keep coming back! Keep writing, and I'll keep reading.

P.S.- You should swing by my blog some time and show some love as well. :)

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