Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Late Night Updates

1) First of all, My current SoulSilver team:

-Gyarados (the Red one!)
-Krabby, purely as an HM Slave

I'm one badge away from getting all 16, and so far, this team's been working out for me. Lt. Surge was a bastard, though. It was quite hard to take him on when half of my team is weak to electric attacks. Follow the blog on Facebook to get updates on my SoulSilver quest!

I'm also playing the hell outta the Pokewalker. It's a Tamagotchi! It's a primitive Pokemon game! It's a pedometer! Wait, it's all three!! Here are some tips to get three hidden areas:

1) "Beyond The Sea" - Obtain a Pokemon from the GTS from another country
2) "Night Sky's Edge" - Obtain a Jirachi. It was originally thought to just be the Gamestop Jirachi from last month, but it turns out that ANY JIRACHI WORKS.
3) "Yellow Forest" - Download it off Nintendo Wi-Fi. I don't know how long it's going to last, though.

2) New Posts!
I swear to you they're coming. I just need to get the chutzpah to get on my ass to write them. The following posts are in the wood works: My Favorite Simpsons Episodes, My Least Favorite Simpsons Episodes, The Best Simpsons B-Stories, and Ten Aspects of Pokemon The Youngin's Will Never Understand

3) Thanks to Jimmy Fallon, I discovered a band called Gogol Bordello. I saw them play this song:

And I don't know what to make of it. I've watched that video about 10 times, but I like the sound. It's definitely unlike anything I've ever heard before this point in time.

4) Met Brian Posehn earlier tonight!

He did a great set, and signed a bunch of stuff! He seems to be the only comic that I know of that includes a Weenie with his new album (in this case, a whoopee cushion). BTW, that is indeed a Mr. Sparkle t-shirt I'm wearing!


cuteordeath said...

Toldja you should have got a Quagsire...he rocked at Vermillion City's gym. :)

I've unlocked Night Sky's Edge (actually managed to hit the Jirachi event) and downloaded Yellow Forest (stupid Pikachus everywhere), but I have yet to futz with the GTS in this version. Is Munchlax still tradeable for ANYTHING?

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Brian is a hero in my world. Which, indirectly makes you a hero. Thanks hero!

Galileo said...

@cuteordeath: Quagsires, and Woopers for that matter, are a total bitch to catch. I got one in the Safari Zone...long after I got the Gyarados. At least it's got a pretty awesome moveset.

I'm also pretty certain that Munchlax can still be traded for anything. I'm not sure if you can find Lax Incense in HG/SS, but since you can catch Snorlax in it, you can breed them easier now.

What I do is breed my starter. But people are still dicks and still ask for level 100 Jirachis for everything.

@Bill: It's good to be an Hero. :)

dohopoki said...

Any Jirachi works and they ended up putting the Shiny Pichu on wifi for a while. I went to Gamestop TWICE for no reason D:

Yellow Forrest ends May 5th I believe. By my faulty calculations, they should be distributing Mew soon after that.

What's your FC?

dohopoki said...

And faulty they were! Winner's Path starts tomorrow, arguably the most important Pokewalker course of them all.

dohopoki said...

And faulty they were! Winner's Path starts tomorrow, arguably the most important Pokewalker course of them all.