Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Dayborin'

Yes, it's Labor Day once again, the unofficial end of Summer. You can always tell it is because the temperature begins to cool, pools start to close up, the tourists finally leave, the thought of school looms just a day or two away, and Jerry Lewis makes his annual TV appearance. Since I missed Jerry this year, I won't post up my "Summer Wrap-Up" post until I see some leaves changing brown. Since I live on Long Island, this is a definite promise. Also, my summer has been sadly eventful, aside of Graduating from college and getting half of my Summer To-Do List completed before June even hit.

What I will comment on, however, is that I recently started playing Pokemon Platinum on Thursday.

I beat the Pearl version some 2 years ago, so after I heard that there were plenty of changes to justify a purchase, I thought I'd give it a go once again. If only I did actually purchase it. You see, I hit a great opportunity at a Dave & Busters back in late July/Early August that just so happened to offer the game at the price of 6,000 tickets. Since I got lucky on those "drop the token into the bed of other tokens and hope they get pushed into the hole" game, I decided to get it for myself. And then it just sat on my table collecting dust until I heard about the "Member Card" promotion.

This is an event that's only available over the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection that gave you the card that opened the locked door in Canalave City that lets you encounter Darkrai (until Sept. 13th). We in the USA had a Darkrai promotion a year or so ago, but it just gave you a Darkrai, but with the incredible moveset that was given away in Japan for the opening of the Darkrai movie. Also, this promotion in general was given in Japan well over 2 years ago, and we're finally getting it, and hopefully we'll get the events to catch Shaymin & Arceus as well.

The point of that ramble? I've decided to give everyone updates of my progress via the blog's Facebook Page. Become a fan of it if you're not already! My current status: Made it to Solaceon Town, and I'm about to venture into the Solaceon Tower to get the HM for De-Fog.

My Current Team as of this writing:

-Grotle lv 29
-Staravia lv 29
-Kirlia lv 21
-Stunky lv 24
-Geodude lv 23
-Marshtomp lv 30

Now Marshtomp is an interesting choice. One might wonder how I managed to get my hands on THAT one, but I'll spill. I started an Emerald game with Mudkip, raised it until it evolved into a Swampert, bred it, then Pal Park'd it to Pearl. I rasied THAT new Mudkip into another Swampert, bred THAT one, and then sent over to Platinum. Same went for Stunky, as they're not f'ing obtainable in neither Platinum nor Pearl. Sure, they stopped listening to me for a while, but three badges changed all of that.

So stop by the FB page for my progress! Also, I promise one more Soundtracks For Summer entry before the season's done.


DJ D said...

Further proof that I am apparently the only X-E'er who doesn't play Pokemon or know anything about it. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I join your little cult though.

Congrats on graduating!

Hazard said...

All I recognize is Geodude. lol