Friday, June 11, 2010

Beaming For Bunnies: Now With New Hat!

If you haven't noticed by now (by, you know, just looking at it), the blog's layout has been radically changed! Yes, my readers, thanks to Blogger's newly launched Design Template, I've been able to give this "Slightly Modified Blogger Template" the face-lift it so duly deserved.

Here are some minor details that come with the new layout:

1. New Color Layout!

The most obvious, no doubt. Before, we had a dark blue/orange color theme to the blog, now it's white & gray, with detailing on the header as Dark Green, links as Blue, and already visited links in Red. I've thought about changing the "hover over link" color into yellow to complete the set, but it's too bright of a color for me.

2. The Blog is Wider!

This one might be more subtle, but the blog is now a good 40 pixels wider than it used to be. The new editor was able to shrink the sidebar, not to mention the fact that this new template was already wider to begin with.

Overall, this might not seem like much, but the added 40 pixels add a LOT of space to the place. I no longer have to worry about tiny pics scrolling into the sidebar! I can add normal-sized Youtube videos and not make it look awkward!

3. Ratings!

This was something that Blogger implemented over a YEAR ago, but for some reason they wouldn't show up on entries until just now. At the bottom of every post, you can rate them as either "Beautiful Gold," "So-So Silver," or "Shameful Bronze." Their significance to the ratings system should be fairly obvious.

So, in a sliding scale between "Malibu Stacy Getting a New Hat" to "Spider-Man gets a Symbiote Suit," how do you like the new look? I know I'll still be tinkering with it for a while.


Jimmy said...

It looks great! I switched my blog's look to a more "Gritty" one.


kristiane said...

I like new hats.