Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AlphaInventions.com & The Trundle Bed of Chaos

As you may or may not know, I run another blog besides this one. In 10 Words is a small blog that sums things up in exactly 10 words. School House Rock, Rent, Barack Obama, what have you.

Yesterday, it had its most epic day ever. Now, when someone distinguishes something as "Epic," it's usually as an overblown hyperbole. But I think this one is justified.

Sunday's visits: 32
Monday's visits: 7,891

Holy. Crap. It's all thanks to a site called AlphaInventions.com, a site that links thousands of blogs together. These blogs appear instantly on the front screen as soon as they get updated. Somehow, last week, In 10 Words got linked there and got me about 50 hits in two days. Not bad at all from my standards.

But then I noticed something: On the main site itself, there is a collection of blogs that mention the site, at least in their title. So Monday's entry, AlphaInventions.com...In 10 Words was born in hopes that I would get some traffic.

It worked. Possibly too well. It seems that this particular entry was the only one to get views. I'm seeing a few repeat visitors, which is nice.

In a single day, In 10 Words got more visitors than THIS blog did in 11 months. And so, I'm writing this entry as a ploy to get traffic.

If it works, welcome one and all! Stay a while, look at other posts.

One entry in particular to look at: Beaming For Bunnies: The Essentials, a collection of my favorite & popular entries of the first 100 posts on the blog.


The Dreamer said...

Yes I found that as well. On wandering to my blog a few weeks back I noticed this alpha thingy, then again yesterday, so I blogged about it. I get usually about 300-500 a week dropping in, yesterday thousands, although nobody left a comment.

Bright Blessings xxx

Charlotte Klein said...

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