Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What should I be?

Well, folks, Halloween is only 2 weeks away, and I can't decide what I should be this year.

Here's my short list of possible costumes:

Anton Chigurh - No Country For Old Men

The Dude - The Big Lebowski

Damien Hirst

That guy that puts a shark in a pool of formaldehyde and calls it art, and promptly sells it for millions of dollars.

Dr. Forrester - MST3K

The thing with this costume is that it's quite hard to find a green lab coat and green-rimmed glasses this close to Halloween. I also need someone to be TV's Frank.

The Joker - Heath Ledger version

I can simply get a Joker suit, then dye my hair green and put face paint on. The shoddier the job, the more psychotic I look.

Mostly, I'm lazy, so these costumes are ones that I can hobble together quite easily. I'm not really a fan of store-bought costumes, and the best ones are always improvised. My first choice was Chigurh, and then The Dude simply came to me in a dream a few days ago, telling me that if I dress up like him, I shall abide. It's a good thing I've neglected to get a haircut, as these costumes allow me to not purchase a dumb wig that I'll never wear again.

So, I'm at an impasse: What should I be?


Dio said...

I dunno, they're all good, except that for Hirst, you might need a prop for example, and lord knows making anything pickled in a jar is a pain in the ass.

I vote the Dude. I dunno.

dc said...

I would say the Joker, but a lot of people will probably go that route if you don't want to be similar to a lot of people. My second choice would be the dude.

My only request is that we get to see pics of whatever costume you choose.

Timmy Bones said...

I say the Dude. Don't do the joker, because you'll be anything but original haha Definitely the Dude

veggiemacabre said...

Oh! The Dude would be an awesome idea for a Halloween costume. Very cool.

Galileo said...

By the way, I've decided to go as The Dude! I'm growing out the goatee as we speak. Until then, I'm telling people I'm an Evil Galileo from a Parallel Universe.

And yes, there will be pictures.