Saturday, May 9, 2009

Simpsons Scene It: Possibility?

You've heard of Scene It?, right?

That kickass trivia game that you play via DVDs and stuff? And much like its predecessor, Trivial Pursuit, there are about a good 5,000 different themes for it, like TV, Movies, Disney, Star Wars, Star Trek, Nickelodeon, Harry Potter, Seinfeld, Friends, Dr. Who, James Bond, Marvel, WB, Sports, SNL, etc. The one common thing that ties them all together? Eventually, we all get bored of using the game board and the pie pieces and just start asking each other questions, category colors be damned.

But with all of these different versions, there's one TV show that has yet to receive the Scene It? Love: The Simpsons.

Yeah, you heard me. I bet you're just as shocked as I am. But why no Simpsons edition? I mean, in its 20+ year history, the cartoon's been adapted into just about every game in existence:

-Monopoly (Normal & Treehouse of Horror versions)
-The Game of Life
-Wheel of Fortune
-Uno (Normal & THoH)
-Triazzle (whatever the hell that is)

It seems the only other board games it HASN'T been adapted into are Candyland, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Battleship, and Guess Who? And the thing about all of those is: ALL FOUR OF THOSE GAMES ARE PERFECTLY PLAUSIBLE.

Hungry Hungry Hippos? Self-explanatory: The hippos become Homer heads, and the marbles are all pink to represent donuts.

Candyland? Homer's "The Land of Chocolate" daydream from "Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk" could work quite well here.

Guess Who? Simple: Every talking head is now a Simpsons character. (GET ON THIS ONE RIGHT NOW, FOX!!)

Battleship? Now this one can be fun. The ships are now the following: Capt. McCallister's (aka The Sea Captain) Ship, Mr. Burns's Gone Fission II, the nuclear sub that Homer & crew piloted in "Simpson Tide," The raft that Homer, Bart, Todd and Flanders drifted on in "Boy Scoutz in Da Hood," the ship used by the Navy to blow up MAD Magazine, and for good measure, include the S.S. Antarctica.

But why has it taken this long before someone asked why there's no Simpsons version of Scene It? I only have one theory: Everything other show & movie franchise that's already been adapted are finite, they've all concluded in one manner or another. The Simpsons, however, are three episodes away from ending their 20th season, with at least 2 more on its way. Its fate would match the ones of the other Simpsons trivia games/calendars that would come before it: It would be obsolete as soon as it would be released. Sure, we'd have our game, but then the NEXT season would air and then we'd be left with one season's worth of trivia missing outside of the family huddled around the warmth of the DVR.

But just for kicks and giggles, lemme check Amazon one more time to show that it's everyone else that's going nuts:


(Release Date: August 1, 2009. For realz, yo.)


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Anonymous said...

Just pre-ordered it from Amazon! I got the 2nd Edition Movie Scene It? for Christmas two years ago, and there was a comment/suggestion card inside. My one and only comment: "Please make a 'Simpsons' version of this game!"