Monday, August 1, 2011

Aug. 1st: The Blog-A-Day Project

I know, I know, I've been slacking on the blog posts here for the past...year. What was once a living, breathing blog had withered into a husk that's updated on the last day of every month.

But today I change all of that. I hereby announce the Blog-A-Day Project. For the rest of the month, I'll post something here. It could be about anything. Stuff about my personal life, a movie I just saw, a video that I thought was funny, a new Soundtracks For Summer entry, etc. Anything that gets my creativity pumping and putting asses in the seats...of your chairs that read this on your computer.

So...what's on my mind today? Well, this past Friday I discovered that my TV now carries channels like Boomerang and The Hub thanks to switching my cable to IO! I can finally watch stuff like Transformers: Prime, Dan Vs., and all of the old shows that Cartoon Network doesn't show anymore! Yep, totally not watching that new My Little Pony show.

What? What have you heard? Ah, it's probably nothing. As for Boomerang, I caught The Banana Splits show for the first time in ages.

RIP Snorky

Around the midway point of the episode, I saw this for the first time:

Something called "Hold The Bus." Let me describe the set up the best I can: There's a puppet bird in the Banana Splits' Cuckoo Clock, and at one point it pops out and shouts "HOLD THE BUS!" Then the gang spends the next minute running around their set, yelling "HOLD THE BUS!" Then it cuts to the above video, a cop directing traffic while funk music plays in the background.

And that's it, they move on to the next segment. There's no bus. What the hell just happened? What was the point of that? I think I do know: It was the powerful mindscrew that resulted when combining Sid & Marty Krofft with mid-60s Hanna-Barbera. Some powerful, powerful stuff that shouldn't be taken lightly. Clearly, this show serves as a warning for all the naysayers who think that this stuff is harmless.

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